Orthodontic dental clinic of Maria Rivis in Uzhgorod (established in 2009) is the only clinic specialized in delivering orthodontic care for children and adults in Transcarpathian region.


Maria Rivis has received a great practical experience before opening the clinic. After graduation from the dental faculty of Dnipropetrovsk dental academy she has chosen the orthodontics as her specialization. Making people beautiful, smiling, self-confident has become her favorite activity.

Nevertheless, creative and energetic soul of Maria Rivis desired even more – new knowledge, self improvement, researching work.

That’s why in order to continue the studying she attends orthodontic courses in Lancaster Cleft Palate Clinic in the USA in 1998. Maria Rivis was so much impressed by what she had faced there, that she decided to come back for studying to the USA again in 2000 and 2004. She has learned modern technologies in diagnostics and treatment of the orthodontic patients there.

Maria is interested in new tendency in the world orthodontic specialty. Later she takes part in several Congresses of European Orthodontic Association in Belgium (2001), Germany(2004), Portugal (2009), Slovenia (2010).

Maria Rivis is also attracted by pedagogical work – since 2008 she works as an assistant at the Department of Dentistry at the Faculty of Postgaduate Education at Uzhgorod National University, where she teaches orthodontics for dentists and interns.

In order to completely realize her practical skills and experience Maria decides to start her own specialized clinic. It cost her great moral and material efforts and big organizational work to make this dream come true. However, Maria and her son Oleg (who follows her steps in orthodontics and now is a postgraduate student) together overcome all the obstacles and difficulties; and the Clinic hospitably open its doors to everyone who needs a professional orthodontic care delivered by skilled and experienced specialists.

The Clinic of Maria Rivis - her favorite offspring- is situated in the very center of an old city of Uzhgorod. Treatment of patients takes place in two modern and well equipped clinical cabinets. Technician laboratory, X-ray cabinet and many auxiliary rooms are the object of pride and means to let the patients feel comfortable and cosily here.

The main thing is that here in the Orthodontic Clinic of Maria Rivis the patients can receive highly qualified consultation, diagnostics and the most modern methods of treatment.  Here they will be offered a wide range of orthodontic appliances, since contemporary orthodontics has big opportunities for treatment of malocclusions at any age.

For Maria and Oleg Rivis the main award after effective treatment are healthy and happy smiles of their patients.

Welcome to the Orthodontic Clinic of Maria Rivis in Uzhgorod under the address: Feduntsya st. 40/6a